BELIEVE DAO Autonomous Organization

Pos with Masternodes, Wallet Advertising and Trust Me Mobile App

BELIEVE in the Blockchain Utilities Era

Completation Goals 2019 99%

What is Believe?

Believe is an open source, decentralized blockchain-based cryptocurrency focused on real-world Blockchain new Services utilization to become one of the most technically advanced globally-accepted online digital currency.

We simply believe that Cryptocurrency must be the killer app for Blockchain, not the contrary. Users become enthusiast if they see the economical revolution going on and have a real interest in a coin. That's why we created 2 killer Applications to provide a better suitable Ecosystem. 2 innovative services at disposal for Free for all BLE holders that can viralize the knowledge and usage of the coin.

  • Just hold 1500 BLE and get a revolutionary service to generate a certificate with your mobile phone, that proofs that at a certain date in a certain place, something important happened. The Certificate is Valid for job, life, legal.
  •  Just hold 2500 Coins, you can advertise your products and services for free within all community wallets, mobile apps, and Blockexplorer. 

Pos with Masternodes

You can enjoy BLE storing coins in your wallet and becoming a Masternode you can get a percentage on all coin production. Believe revolutionary technology allows you to enjoy all maximum potential.

Energy Efficient

Believe is eco-friendly as it does not require traditional computationally demanding miners to run its network. The Mobile App and the Special Wallet Advertising bring to a real decentralization

Unique Wallet Adv Features

If you hold 2500 Coins, you can advertise your products and services for free within all community wallets, mobile apps and Blockexplorer. Owners of Believe cons gets extra benefits.

Innovation & Marketing

We are at the forefront of cryptocurrency and marketing innovation a, constantly improving to provide our community the most innovative skills to secure the success in the years.

Certify your Life Moments

Believe technology allows you to generate a certificate that proofs that at a certain date in a certain place, something important happened. Valid for job, life, legal. Just hold 1500 BLE and get the service for free.

Fast and Low cost fees

Believe transactions are confirmed within 60 seconds and are most often instant to grant also every day usage like shopping and market dealing. Fess are minimum and very low for all community satisfaction

The Idea and Roadmap

January 2019

Proof of concept

We made some marketing research to check interest in the market and discover the real potential of the idea.

February 2019

Blockchain Development

We started the development of the Blockchain with all the features we wanted to launch in the market.

April 2019

MVP Platform with Adv and Mobile App

Started to develop Mobile App and Advertising wallet and server

July 2019

Believe launch on one Exchange

We launch officially the Blockchain and first basic services, and we allow users to become masternodes getting coins on a public exchange.

September 2019

Second Exchange and Mobile App including Adv

We will add one more exchange and integrate Api to show Wallet Adv also on Mobile Trust Me App to certify docs to enlarge the network exposure.

January 2020

Private Blockchain Trustme certification

We will create a fast private Blockchain to store all TrustMe certified documents with unique Hash.

Believe Coin Specifications

Max BLE production
Masternode collateral
Bounties & Exchange
Support Team

Believe Revolutionary Services

Discover Believe Marketing Products Features

Believe Wallet & Mobile Advertising

Free for > 2500 BLE holders

Trust Me Certification Mobile App

Free for > 1.500 BLE holders

Frequently Asked Questions

Because it is missing in the Blockchain Panorama. The Coin is using important keyfactors like Masternodes and Pos technology, and the usage of a mobile app and a special wallet that is display advertising that holds coins is a winning card for the blockchain ecosystem.

Beside a well planned coin production, with Pos and Masternodes, the fact that Users holding within the wallet a certain number of coins will get benefits using 2 new services, will make it viral, useful and attractive for investors.

It is a system for certifying daily actions, creating a document of repose. Valid for business, legal and social use. Through an App, take a picture, write a text, sign with your hand and automatically create a summary document that will certify time, place, photo, latitude and longitude. Users can choose different templates depending their needs.

It is a special wallet that allows BLE holders to upload a text advertising displayed on all user physical wallets, all belive app and blockchain explorer website. Whoever holds a minimum of 2500 BLE can do this for free. 

Masternode collateral is 10.000 BLE

There’s a support Team offered by DAO indipendent devs and crypto entusiasts. We believe in privacy and decentralization. 

None. Only our commitment and great novelty ideas in the industry. 

Windows Pos
Advertising Wallet

If you hold more than 2.500 BLE in your physical Wallet, you can advertise any Blockchain product or service for free in The Believe Network that display ads on all physical wallets, mobile app and blockexplorer website.

Trust Me Certification Mobile Android App

Using this App you can create a document that will certify and proof a situation occurring in a certain date time, in a specific location, with your picture and your finger signature. You can demonstrate anything you like for job, legal and social.

Believe Blockchain

You can check all Blocks, information, transactions and hash on the Believe Explorer.
It's your useful site for implementation and verification. Search for data and use the user friendly Api for implementation and support.

Mac Wallet

Read about Masternode collateral specification so that you can start getting rewards in one easy way. Become a Believe Masternode.

Github Free Code

Visit Github and check Believe free code. You can download the source, wallet, masternodes instruction and read anything you need.

Linux Ubuntu Wallet

If you use and love Ubuntu, this is the wallet for you. Download , install and use on any Linux system.